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What is Off Grid Cooking?

Posted on 23 October 2011 by brian

It’s one thing to prepare for disaster by storing food. It may also be valuable to know how to hunt, fish and gather wild foods. But how will you cook that food? What if the only heat source is a campfire, you only have minimal utensils, foraged and storage food, and hungry people to feed?

by Leon Pantenburg

We’ll start from that SHTF (Sewage Hit The Fan) scenario. Off Grid Cooking is specifically for people who want to learn campfire and “primitive” cooking methods, with the idea those skills can be used or applied in a survival or emergency situation.

This is also a site for folks who want to learn to use their storage food on a regular basis, and to help integrate those foods into their normal diets.

Finally, the site is for whoever enjoys good cooking. Preparedness shouldn’t be all doom-and-gloom, nor should it be a chore to practice some of your skills.

I believe tasty, simple “survival” recipes are an important part of your preparedness gear, and here’s why. A survival situation can happen anywhere and any place. Virtually no area is without the risk of some natural disaster such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc.

Would you survive?

I hope so – and I hope you read the main website for more info on surviving under a variety of circumstances.

Food can be a critical part of survival.

You can live for days without sustenance, but that doesn’t mean you’ll live well. Without proper nourishment, you’ll soon grow weak, and your body won’t be able to keep itself warm. A lack of energy, caused by inadequate food, will impact your decisions and ability to take care of yourself or others.

But suppose you do have some stockpiled food supplies – do you know how to cook them? Will you be able to feed your family?

Eating the same things day after day can lead to “diet monotony.”  At some point, after multiple days eating the same things, cooked the same ways, a hungry person may have be forced to eat. Youngsters, or seniors might just  quit eating altogether. This could cause them to become a burden or a problem for the rest of a group.

So, Off Grid Cooking is here to help you deal with these potential food issues before they become problems. We’ll teach you how to make a cooking fire, cook over it with minimal tools, and most importantly, enjoy the experience!

And you’re gonna love the food!

- Leon

Contact Leon at:

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